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Our Wedding - Part One: Wedding Day Prep

Our Wedding - Part One: Wedding Day Prep

So a few of you have asked to hear more about our wedding and how I planned it. Of course I jumped at the chance to gush about the epic-ness of our special day, however I quickly realised that I could write and write and write ‘til kingdom come about it, because lets be honest, I was slightly over-organised (/obsessive). So I’ve decided to split the whole thing up into a few posts...This post is all about the getting ready, pre-ceremony stage – so much fun!

Your Tribe

When you’re choosing your bridesmaids, think not only about the girls who will be an amazing help to you throughout the planning process, but also about those you want around you on the biggest day of your life. If you have a close friend who is just toxic and drains the positive energy from a room, (first of all question that friendship), then you need to question whether that’s the kind of energy you want around you on your wedding day; because let me tell you, you should not be able to wipe the smile off your face all day, and nor should anyone else. I was lucky enough to have surrounded myself with women who made every minute of getting ready just as exciting as the wedding.

A Little Thank You

Not everyone agrees, and that is totally fine, but I was adamant that I wanted to buy thank you gifts for my bridesmaids, my Mum, and my Mother-in-Law. Everyone did so much for me during the course of wedding planning; My sister-in-law designed and created my engagement dress, two bridesmaids flew all the way from the UK for the wedding, my Aussie bridesmaids all flew to Sydney with me at some point or other for my wedding dress appointments, and both Mum's were the most amazing support. Not only does being a part of a wedding take up people's time, but it's not exactly a cheap ask either. I was and still am so very grateful for everyone I had around me, so I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to get everyone. Here's a peek but I'll do a more detailed post in the future.

Comfy Threads

I was so pleased with the satin robes I bought for the girls. I knew I wanted to get them something they could easily get in and out of without ruining hair and makeup. These are from Pippa Ella and come in a few different colours; I went for pale blue for the maids and navy for the Mums. For myself I chose pale grey, loose pijamas, and a short lace robe in white, both from Bras and Things. I love how they turned out in photos and they're a great keepsake afterwards.

Nourishment and Thirst Quenchers

We checked into our venue, the amazing Eight Willows Retreat, the day before the wedding with everything but the kitchen sink in tow. On that day, send a couple of bridesmaids or a mum to the shops to pick up breakfast foods, lunch foods, snacks, juice, water and of course, bubbly! W were lucky enough that Eight Willows provided produce baskets including milk, eggs, bacon, bread, cheese and crackers, a bottle of bubbly and more in each of the bridal party chalets.

The next morning, my darling Mum stepped up and cooked eggs and bacon for everyone at about 9am, and thank god she did because I was running around so full of excitement that I would have forgotten to eat at all! Someone may naturally take this on board, but in case they don’t, ask a mum or a bridesmaid if they would mind taking charge of ensuring everyone eats before the champagne gets popped!

We of course had a few sweet treats knocking around to ensure our energy was through the roof for the whole day haha.

Do’s & Warpaint

For eight of us, I had two makeup artists and two hairdressers. Every single one of which did phenomenal jobs – I truly could not have been happier. I had a primary makeup artist who I chose for myself and the bridesmaids – Cat Elizabeth Artistry. Cat was a gem to work with; super professional and she nailed the look we were after. My darling friend Liz from Graceful Faces took care of the Mamas, and man did she kill it! Both Mums looked amazing and Liz took them both just far enough out of their makeup comfort zones for them to feel super special without being overdone at all.

One of my best gals is my hairdresser, Bec from Boutique Hair by Rebecca Anne. Of course I would have loved Bec to take care of everyone’s hair, however since she was also a bridesmaid I really wanted her to just enjoy the day, so her only task for the morning was taming my mop and Mitch’s mum’s high pony. I was super lucky to find Nardia from Hair Design by Nardia through a family connection, and we didn’t half set her a challenge! I really wanted the girls in a low pony with heaps of volume – no easy task when a couple of them have short and fine hair with no extensions… but with 10 cans of hairspray and a bit of elbow grease she did a fantastic job!

Kodak Moments

Your photographer (and videographer if you have one), will be in and out. Usually they will start with you about two hours before the ceremony, then head off to capture they boys getting ready, before coming back your way to get all the good stuff; you getting into your dress, your Dad coming in etc. These moments are so special and I am beyond amazed at how beautifully Hannah from Keeper Creative captured them. When we received our wedding photos I cried as I discovered all these little moments that took place that I didn’t even know had happened! Hannah is a true artist and understood perfectly that we wanted our day captured authentically and exactly as it happened.

We also had a wonderful videographer…Martina from Neni Films who did the most marvellous job. I’ll be loading our film to my YouTube channel soon so stay tuned!

It’s Almost Time

Getting into my dress – let me tell you, it took a village! Tune into Part two next week to see the dress and read all about the Ceremony!

If you’re reading this and planning your wedding, I hope you’re having a blast!

Much Love Guys,

Katie xx

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