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Where To Shop in the UK

Where To Shop in the UK

Since I’ve just shopped til I dropped during my brief visit to the UK, I realised that I have developed certain go-to stores that I make sure to hit up when I’m there. This trip I had one afternoon during which to get all my shopping done, so I was only interested in visiting key stores in which I knew I could get everything I was after. When I travel to the UK, I buy a lot of my cosmetics and skincare in bulk since a lot of it is so much cheaper over there. This is where most of my money goes, but with what’s left, I’m like a kid in a candy store over there! Shopping Haul video coming soon to my channel of EVERYTHING I bought!


Lets talk about SELFRIDGES
Most people I meet either love department stores or hate them. In Australia, I hate them. Because we simply don’t have anything of the same calibre as the UK. In Selfridges I can find 75% of what I’m looking for out of my UK shopping trip. Cosmetics, shoes, bags and clothing all in the top brands I like to shop with. Not to mention the gourmet food hall! (If you don’t have a seafood and champagne lunch in the food hall you’re not doing life right). BONUS – If you can get it in Selfridges, Do. Because once you’ve finished you can take all your purchases to the handy concierge desk which will organise all your tax back for you!

KURT GEIGER – Affordable shoes with designer style. I honestly could have bought about seven pairs of shoes from Kurt Geiger/Carvella. Simply because in comparison to styles stocked in Aussie high street stores (and much of the designer concessions come to think of it) are so simple that you are hard pushed to find anything vaguely unique. At Kurt Geiger you can find the simple style in the black and the nude, and you can also find daring, brightly coloured, and jewels galore!

TED BAKER – One of my all time favourite UK brands. I’m told that it’s popularity in the UK has gone through the roof and so everyone is wearing it. The beauty of living in Australia is that no one is wearing it! I walked away with some really fantastic classic with a twist pieces, as well as some ridiculously beautiful nightwear.

CLINIQUE – I always buy my skincare when I’m in the UK. If I remember I buy at duty free, but since you ca get your tax back on purchases anyway I don’t stress too much. You can of course find every major skincare and cosmetics brand in Selfridges, Clinique is just who I’m loving at the moment for value. The staff are always wonderfully helpful, and Selfridges had a rewards system so you can end up with freebies!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY – If you’re into your cosmetics and haven’t hear of Charlotte Tillbury you have been living under a rock. I was elated to find a concession stand in Selfridges so that I could see and feel her products for the first time. In Australia her products are only available online and I’m simply not an online shopper when it comes to cosmetics I’ve never tried before. Tip – Her magic cream really does feel like pure magic on your skin!

LAURA MERCIER – Much the same, I’ve been wanting to try her products for about a year. However without access to the products themselves I have always been reluctant to order them. After a play around with the girls in Selfridges I walked away with a couple of products I’ve had had my eye on for a while.

CHLOE – A Chloe bag. That was the dream when I walked into Selfridges. Needless to say it is not a dream that came true because I am not made of money… and I did fall in love with about five other bags on the shop floor! This gal will be saving her pennies for the next few months in the hope that she can make a decision in time for the Christmas sales!

THE WHITE COMPANY – I made a decision whilst gliding through The White Company at Selfridges. I want to move in to one of their stores. I mean it. Is there anything more effortlessly classy than all white interiors? They’re known for their top quality bedding, life changing home fragrances, and insane cashmere bathrobes.

SELFRIDGES FOOD HALL – One of my all time favourite spots to visit when shopping. A welcome pit stop where one can rest the weary legs, put down the bags and share a bottle of bubbly. (Or not share! Each to their own!) I recommend a quick wander to get your bearings before stopping for lunch at the champagne bar or sushi train, then after your meal you can make a bee-line for anything that caught your eye on your first lap.
Moving out of Selfridges...

JACK WILLS – I remember, a good ten or eleven years ago when Jack Wills was a lesser known university brand sold at the likes of Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews. It’s come a long way since then, winning over UK buyers with its quintessentially British style. I love this store, not least for its ability to remind me of England whenever I wear my JW clothing! The menswear is also fantastic so Mitch and I can spend a while in here. Best buys are definitely their cable knit jumpers, and the fleece track pants – preferably not worn together folks 😉

SUPERDRY – Now this can be found in Aus, even in Perth (shocker!), but for quite a mark up and with very few savings come sale time. During this trip to the UK I was lucky enough to stumble across a pop-up sale superstore! My relationship with Superdry is purely with the menswear section. I have had a few bits and pieces from ladieswear but nothing life changing. However for men, their slim fit t-shirts are a fantastic fit on Mitch, and their thick washbasket shirts were a total bargain and perfect for winter.

BOOTS – The one stop shop for all your high street cosmetics! I head there for two reasons only – Liz Earle and L’oreal. I can only order my Liz Earle online in Aus, so I stock up every time I’m in the UK or whenever someone is visiting me to avoid costly shipping fees. L’oreal is far far cheaper in the UK, and there are a number of products of theirs I love so it was worth a stock up.

MARKS AND SPENCER – My god I miss M&S! All the gourmet pre-packed food you could wish for all under one roof! Apart from begging my poor Mum to do the weekly shop at M&S while I’m home ($$$), I also make special trip to pick up some dry goods essentials to take home. Decent tea bags, affordable but delicious coffee, and percy pigs for a start!

COAST – I’m not in love with everything in Coast, in fact a lot of it does get a bit ‘Mother of the Bride’-esque. But one thing they do bloody well is a high waisted formal skirt. Mum bought me one last year which I absolutely adore, and I have since seen a friend wear it in royal blue! Stunning!

So those are all my must see stores – there are of course a million more, but if like me you have limited shopping time and a modest budget, I hope this helps!

Much Love Guys,

Katie xx

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