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Treasure Hunting for the House

Treasure Hunting for the House

1. a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects.

Special focus on the ‘other valuable object’ part. A few weeks ago I talked about my favourite things to do on a rainy winters day, (read that blog post here), and one of those things was to go treasure hunting… my version of treasure hunting. I love nothing better than discovering gorgeous and unique pieces for our ever changing home… things that bring us joy when we look at them, that remind me of home, or that just look damn good on the coffee table!

But where can you find these treasures? I learnt early on from my Mum to always keep an eye out for anything different, both in homewares and fashion. It’s something that really stuck with me in regards to my wardrobe, and I’ll go into more detail on some key pieces in another blog post soon! However when it comes to our home, it took me until my late 20’s to really settle into the idea of making it unique. We’d always either been turning over a house to sell or renting, which made putting our own personality into wherever we were living so much harder.

But now that we are in our gorgeous little cottage home we are loving making the place so unapologetically us, which means our eyes are constantly peeled for inspiration and key pieces to put in it. One of the easiest things we decided on as soon as we moved in was that Mitch would design and take care of outside, and I’d do the same inside. Which is where Poste in Guildford comes in. 5 minutes drive down the road from us, Poste is a landscape design centre located in the stunning old post office building by the railway tracks. Stocked to the brim with plants, trees, garden sculptures and more, you’ll want to pause and enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat in the café before heading inside to explore the treasure trove of both new and vintage homeware pieces.

muesli breakfast at Poste

I love combining the aesthetic of both new and old pieces… having them sit alongside each other, clashing, but in perfect harmony. Our home is slowly starting to fill up with treasures we’ve found in hidden away places all over the world, mixed with pieces handed down to us from family.

Here are some of my top treasure hunting tips:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled everywhere you go. If you only look for stunning pieces on the days you decide to go shopping you’ll miss an awful lot.

  2. Steer clear of things you’ve seen all over magazines, people’s houses, tv shows… If you’re seeing it everywhere then so is everyone else.

  3. Not every piece has to cost the earth. Yes the odd stunning item might be worth the investment, but keep things realistic by pairing it with more affordable items and things you already own.

  4. Revisit the same places. Antique and vintage stores are forever restocking with finds from estate sales etc, so make sure to keep popping in and casting an eye over their current stock.

  5. Make it known that you’re on the hut for something. I love having a good chin wag with the proprietors of my favourite stand alone homeware stores. They all have my contact number and I often let them know if I’m looking for something specific - that way they can keep their eyes peeled and give me a call if they come across it!

I Hope this helps inspire you a bit! And let me know if you do end up visiting Poste… great coffee in the prettiest of settings.

Much Love,

Katie xx

Images by myself @katie.elizabeth.williams and Claire Bailey @ceebeeisme

Cardigan & tshirt by WITCHERY // Belt & earrings by SHEIKE

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