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Our Wedding - Part Three: The Party

Our Wedding - Part Three: The Party

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I am so excited - it is time for me to tell you all about the biggest party we’ve ever thrown! Almost six months after our wedding, people are still talking about the epic shindig… not to brag but the words ‘best wedding we’ve ever been to’ have been thrown around a fair few times. Woo hoo! That’s what we want to hear haha.

In Part Two I left you drifting off into the sunset with us during our photos at the beach… dreamy I know! After that we jumped into the cars and headed back to the venue, where our guests had just been seated for dinner. I won’t go into detail on the décor of the room as again, that’s an entire post of it’s own!

Entrance of the New Mr & Mrs

If there was one thing I wanted to avoid like the plague at our wedding it was that awkward walking dance entry all the way to the bridal table set to some random top 40 song. It always makes me think of Peter Kay’s ‘Dance onto the Dancefloor Dance’ bit… seriously, watch it – it’s oh so accurate! The other thing on our minds was our first dance. Mitch and I are both dancers, so of course we put together a fairly full on out there dance! It included a lot of spins and a couple of lifts – simply not fun (or even possible for me) after a big dinner and a few drinks!

And so, our genius plan was born… our bridal party was to enter quite quickly to the intro of our dance music, and we quickstepped our way into our wedding reception to a room full of our favourite people cheering and smiling. I stand by the comment that I think by doing this, we set the tone for the entire evening… (that and the tequila shot favours!). It let everyone know that we were there to party! I did of course do a costume change to dance as it would have been impossible in my wedding dress, then just a quick change back before taking our seat for dinner.

The Meal

I did quite a bit of research into how we would serve dinner. I know substantial cocktail food is all the rage these days, but that came about because it was a cheaper alternative to a sit down meal. However since it then became fashionable, the price increased and I found it far more affordable to have a two course alternate drop menu, with our cake being cut for desert as the third course. This was perfect for us… everyone was seated with friends or like-minded people, everyone had somewhere to sit between dance-offs, and everyone got fed. The food was beyond amazing – with our caterers Margaret River Hospitality Group absolutely knocking it out of the park. Not only was the food entirely delicious, but their staff we the most friendly and attentive people ever. A few members of the bridal party love the food so much the staff brought them seconds! We chose seafood and pork belly for our two starters, and chicken and lamb for our mains. Of course we also ordered vegetarian options for a handful of guests.

The Music

The first thing Mitch and I decided on for our wedding – live music. A band. The biggest we could afford! If you are unsure whether to book a DJ or a band for your wedding, seriously – book a band. Live music brings an entirely different vibe to any event and I promise you won’t regret it. Summer Club Band delivered in so many ways. Even helping with our medley of music cut for our first dance. Their sets were timed perfectly with the various courses of the meal, with the MC working closely with Kylie from our venue to make sure everything ran so smoothly. You can’t go wrong if you ask for a mix of current top 40, classic rock, and a few golden oldies a la Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin thrown in.



Major tip! DO NOT ask everyone and their dog if they’d like to do a speech! Trust me, it doesn’t matter how funny you think your neighbour from 5 years ago is, to everyone else all those inside jokes mean nothing and they are watching the clock waiting for the band to start again. Obviously speeches are an important part of the evening – just don’t go nuts. 

We had speeches from both Dads between starter and main course, then towards the end of main course we had Best Man, Maid of Honour and Grooms speeches. It’s always great to hear other people say lovely things about your relationship, but there is a limit to what others can listen to. Luckily my Maid of Honour, whose speech was in the middle, had planned the funniest speech involving the groomsmen all wearing masks of my girlfriends from the UK that couldn’t make it and reading marriage advice. Everyone was crying with laughter for a good five minutes. 

Major tip number two
– Don’t drink too much champagne because you’re not giving a speech, and then end up giving one anyway, half drunk and with no preparation because your guests wouldn’t stop clapping and cheering your name until you did. Haha… hilarious but it will haunt you!


The Party

There’s not a huge amount I can advise you one here… other than everything you organise for the day and the meal will set the tone for how the party goes. From the minute our dance/entry was over we were relaxed and I think that translated into everyone else letting their hair down too. The other reason we wanted our first dance to be done at the beginning of the night was because, since hiring an amazing band, we wanted our guests to dance all night, whenever they wanted. Traditionally your gusts will feel very hesitant about dancing until you have, so if it’s a party you want – get that first dance out of the way early! 

We also found a very reasonably priced photobooth company – Photobooth Funk, who ran the booth for 2 hours from 8pm-10pm… the one cheesy thing I allowed near our wedding and it was a massive hit! 

And then, just enjoy your party! Enjoy having all your loved ones around you, and make sure to dance with that new husband of yours as much as possible – because the whole day will be over in a blink of an eye. 

Final tip
– if you don’t have an ‘Angel Kylie’ like I did, ask a waiter or one of the bar staff to alternate your drinks with water. Kylie did this for me and I credit this for helping me go the distance and make it through the whole night despite drinking champagne since 4pm!

Enjoy the whole thing my loves! And please please relax and enjoy the day. I was stressed in the few days before the wedding trying to get everything finished and dealing with having had a house packed full of guests for the two weeks prior to the wedding. However on the morning of the wedding I woke up so so excited (as you should!) and couldn’t have cared less if everything was perfect or not. I just wanted to feel at ease and enjoy my excitement – so make sure you do the same!

Coming soon will be posts related to planning your ceremony, vows, wedding décor, entertaining your guests, invitations and much more!


Much love guys,

Katie xx

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