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My Favourite Highlighters on the Market Right Now

My Favourite Highlighters on the Market Right Now

I recently stumbled upon an old photo of me from my late teens. Ignoring all the other horrific aspects of my hair, makeup and fashion choices from the early 2000’s, (and there were many let me assure you), it reminded me of how far the art of makeup has come. I remember smearing, (yes smearing) my foundation onto my face with my hands, patting turquoise shimmery eyeshadow onto my eyes, a quick swipe of mascara followed by an untold amount of black kohl liner, and out the door. And I’ll let you into a secret – I thought I was hot shit with that eyeshadow. These gems I remember, and yet I can’t recall anything at all about further face products – absolutely nothing to add any dimension.

Now I know they were out there, being used on stage by dancers, actors and drag artists; who by the way were way ahead of the contour and highlight game years ago! The products just weren’t readily available on the high street, or being made in high quality.

Fast forward 15 years and we are all contouring, bronzing, baking, highlighting, strobing and more… And I bloody love it. The transformative powers of makeup will never cease to amaze me.

With that in mind, here’s my very first ‘Spotlight On’ post featuring my current go to’s for my daily glow. These bad boys will have you beaming to the gods...

Tarte Cosmetics Pro Glow to Go Palette

The has been one of my favourite makeup buys of 2017. The palette contains two highlighters – ‘gleam’ and ‘burst’, along with a bronzer in ‘chisel’. Both highlighting shades have excellent wearability and are very buildable. I use ‘gleam’ lightly during the day, with ‘burst’ being reserved for those nights when only a full beat will do! Build or mix, these guys have seen me through multiple looks and were a great investment!


Benefit Dandelion Twinkle

The absolute perfect highlight for Spring and Summer. There, I said it. I have fallen madly in love with this product. The pale pink hue and sheer formula it has lends itself perfectly to the light and fresh makeup looks I’ve been favouring in the last month or so. This is another product that is super easy to build if you want a more intense sparkle! As much as I’m not usually a fan of brushes that come with a product, Benefit do this pretty well… I always use the brush the product came with to apply to my cheek bones and cupids bow, swapping out for a tapered fluffy brush for my nose and forehead.


Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in ‘Kitten’

In all honesty, I wasn’t sold on this product when I first tried it. It is so lightweight that I was unsure it was doing anything at all. That was until I started experimenting with application techniques. Apply with your finger for an ultra-sheer ‘No I’m not wearing highlighter this is just my face’ kind of look, or with a damp beauty sponge for a blinding wet-look highlight bringing all the drama! For a buildiale beam use a short hair fluffy blending brush.


Do you have a go to highlighter that gives you that epic glow? I want to hear all about it… point in the direction of your ride or dies!


Much love guys,

Katie xxx

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