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Mulled Wine for These Chilly Winter Nights

Mulled Wine for These Chilly Winter Nights

A super quick post for you today guys, because I promised to get this recipe out before the incoming very chilly weekend!

I won’t beat about the bush - mulled wine is a serious mood for me. It doesn’t just remind me of Christmas, it reminds me of my parent’s house; the house I grew up in, of wandering around the Manchester Christmas markets with them every year, and most of all it’s bloody delicious and warms your soul from the inside out.

If you’ve never tried it - now’s your chance. And if you have tried it and decided it wasn’t for you, I beg of you - try again with this recipe. Everyone has their own spin on mulled wine, whether it’s based on a more traditional Italian mulled wine (created by the Romans back in the day to stave of a cold), a fruity German gluhwein,  French vin chaud, or even a Nordic gløgg  - they’re all different and everyone has their preferences… you’ve just gotta find yours!

Mulled Wine recipe
mulled wine recipe


1 x decent bottle of red wine (Don’t buy nasty cheap stuff but also don’t break the bank - a cab sav or a cab merlot are perfect, avoid light wines like pinot noir)

1 x orange

2 x star anise

3 x cloves

1 x cinnamon stick

1 x bay leaf

½ cup raw or brown sugar

½ vanilla pod (optional)


Begin by using a peeler to peel the rind of the orange into a medium sized pan. Then quarter your orange and squeeze all the juice in too.

Add the sugar and all the spices to the pan and add about half a cup of the wine.
Put it on a medium to high heat and allow it all to simmer away while the sugar dissolves, stirring as necessary.

Once the sugar has all dissolved and you’re left with an amazingly fragrant syrupy wine mixture, turn the heat right down to low and add the rest of your wine, stirring it through.

Allow the low heat to warm up your wine - don’t be tempted to rush it by whacking the heat up otherwise you can burn off the alcohol… it should never simmer or boil. You can pop a lid on it to avoid and of your mixture evaporating.

After 5 - 10 minutes, the spices will have had plenty of time to do their job and the wine will be thoroughly warmed through. Use a ladle to serve it into mugs or cups (not wine glasses!)… and Enjoy! And don’t burn your tongue!

mulled wine

 Serving suggestions:

My favourite thing to do it toss a couple of blackberries in the bottom of the cup before pouring the wine in, however fresh blackberries are notoriously hard to come by in Australia… so a slice of orange does the trick!
If you want to be super extra (and who doesn’t), you can grate a little bit of whole nutmeg over the top after pouring.

Enjoy guys! Let me know if you give it a go and send me your pics on Instagram!! @katie.elizabeth.williams


Much love guys

Katie xx

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