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Looking Back on an Epic Year - 2017

Looking Back on an Epic Year - 2017

Ahhhh November. The time of year when you inevitably hear at least one of the following every, damn, day.
‘I just don’t know where this year has gone!’
‘Can you believe it’s November already?’
‘Oh I’m just so busy from now all the way through to February.’
‘It feels like this year has flown by!’
I could go on but you get the gist. It’s annoying as hell so I’ve decided to stop wondering where this year has gone, and take a wee trip down memory lane to remind myself of everything I’ve achieved. Hopefully seeing it all written down will help me set new goals for next year!


WE GOT MARRIED! On April 8th I walked down the aisle to David Bowie with the biggest, dumbest smile on my face and married my best mate. We laughed, we danced (a lot) and we hung out with all our favourite people for the most epic night ever. January – April was pretty damn hectic with finalising everything, flying to Sydney to pick up my dress, and picking up the UK contingent from the airport as they started arriving in the weeks before the big shindig. I feel like no one ever told me how much of your time planning a wedding actually takes up – it was legit like having another full time job! We took off on honeymoon to Vanuatu a couple of days post-wedding, taking advantage of the time together before knowing we would have to hit the ground running when we got back to WA. Read more about our epic day here!


What a year for work! We started the year with the decision to buy our own business, in partnership with some of Mitch’s family. This was a huge decision involving a career change for us both as well as a move from Bunbury up to Perth… all change! I remained in Bunbury until our wedding in April to wrap up projects I was working on and find my replacement, whilst Mitch spent Monday – Friday up in Perth getting stuck into the business.
This has been the most trying thing this year. I love a challenge, but the term ‘walk before you run’ rings pretty true with taking over a business. Learning an entirely different industry as well as taking over areas of running a business I’ve never experienced before threw me for a loop and it took me a couple of months to settle in and stop pining for my old job (which did come with wine, dolphins and an ocean view FYI), *wipes tear from cheek*. But, almost a year into our new life and we are (finally) finding our feet.
As if this wasn’t enough, as you know I started a little thing called KatieElizabethWilliams.com a few month ago. I love writing, I’ve got a bloody opinion on everything and I always need a creative outlet – so I’ve loved every minute of creating my brand. Between working with brands, writing a couple of times a week (mostly) and starting my YouTube channel it’s been an adventure! I’d love to be able to give it a bit more of my time though – goal for next year!
I’m also back on board with Lorna Jane a couple of times a week, since I figured I don’t have enough on my plate and all that.


As if getting married and buying a business wasn’t enough to keep us going this year, it all went hand in hand with having to quickly finish our renovation on the Bunbury house and get it on the market by last Christmas. By January we were getting viewings a few times a week – hell for someone like me who is incapable of keeping the house tidy at all times. With Mitch now based in Perth from Monday – Friday getting to work on the business, I covered everything with the sale of the house. Which, incidentally, didn’t happen until September – FYI, selling a house is torture. With the house still on the market, I started house hunting in Perth in May. Success! I managed to find the one bloody house in the area we wanted with a garden big enough for Jasper, (sort of). Cue days and days of packing and multiple weekends of carting a full ute and a trailer back to Perth.
We’ve been in our Perth house for about seven months, and I've still only unpacked our bedroom and the kitchen and living area. #AdultingFail. I’ll get to it soon… maybe.

Health & Fitness

This has been such an odd journey for me this year. I kept as close to my competition physique as I could in the lead up to the wedding, and I was really happy with the work I put in and how I looked. When we moved to Perth I took on a new coach who, as you know if you watched my comp prep vlogs, recommended not competing again until May, giving us a long off season to build up my calories and muscle. What a head fuck this was. Sorry but there’s no other way to describe the mentality of this process. Changing your thought process to suddenly be ok with weight gain and growing muscles is not easy. Fast forward a few months, 4 weeks into my first cut, and I can see what all that has done to my body. I can see how much of a better shape we’ve created with those higher calories and heavy training. I can’t wait to keep chipping away and see what I’ve spent the year building!

So what’s left? In true December style, it’s a busy one! I’m insanely stoked to have taken on the role of Sherrie in Koorliny Arts Centre’s production of ‘Rock of Ages’. This epic 80’s production goes on stage in March 2018 so we are already well into rehearsals! It’s a challenge and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s all consuming until mid-December when Mitch and I head off to the UK for Christmas and our second wedding celebration with my family. I can. Not. Wait! All the Christmassy things and more celebrating – right up my alley!

All just in time to set some new goals… come and get me 2018, I’m ready for you.


Much love guys,

Katie xx

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