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What's On My Desk: How my Work Space Inspires Me

What's On My Desk: How my Work Space Inspires Me

Four months ago when we moved back to Perth, one thing on the new house ‘wish list’ was to have enough rooms for me to create a home office. Knowing I was about to embark into the world of business ownership in the worlds dustiest location (we are now officially sandblasters and painters!), I was determined to ensure I had a separate calming workspace; one that doesn’t involve listening to heavy machinery and inhaling dust!
In order to enjoy my work I need to enjoy the things I’m surrounded by – is that just me? I recently left a job that I adored, in an office on the beach with the most perfect views and daily visits from dolphins. I’m crazy I know. So of course I was hell bent on creating a space to work from that I could love just as much.
My office is a mixture of a dressing/beauty room, a filming room, and my workspace. Now that’s a lot to squeeze into three square metres! Once everything is finished I’ll do a room tour over on my YouTube channel, but for now I thought I’d share with you the desk space and what’s keeping me organised and inspired at the moment!

Being a small space, I went with a smaller desk to allow me the space for a dressing table and storage drawers. This is the Merlot Desk from Officeworks - super affordable and just big enough for my laptop and my millions of notebooks. I chose all white furniture for the space to keep it as light and bright as possible. The one small drawer it has keeps me from loading the area up with rubbish I don’t need haha. 

I have my desk facing into the room for two key reasons. Number one – I hate working and staring at a wall every time I look up from my computer. As you’ll see, I fill the space with lots of things that inspire me so I like to be able to see them all. Number two –I often work late at night, and I was facing the wall the window would be behind me -  how am I supposed to see burglars and scary clowns in enough time for me to get a head start if I’m facing the wrong way? #RealProbelms #I’mNotCrazyISwear


Sadly, I could talk about stationery til the cows come home. It’s a strong obsession and I promise I’m seeking help for it. Ok not really, I’m just not allowed to go to Officeworks unaccompanied anymore… Husband’s orders.
I don’t know what it is about a new notebook. I think its the idea of a clean slate, a fresh start, an exciting new project or a story a to tell. Whatever it is that runs through my mind, it definitely isn’t – ‘Katie don’t buy that notepad, you have five brand new unused ones sitting at home already’. #SorryNotSorry
And so there is forever a collection of new and partially used notebooks on our around my desk, one for every hair-brained scheme I’m currently working on, one for every area of my life. Heaven forbid it could all be written in the same book. My favourite spots for a good note book are Officeworks, Kmart and KikkiK. The best notebooks in my opinion are the Moleskin range… pricey, Yes – but they feel so luxurious you can’t help but keep them neat, plus they come in the perfect sizes to fit into your handbag.
Tip: They also make great gifts paired with a good quality pen!

I really enjoy having a cluster of little luxuries on my desk. It’s an ever changing collection of items that bring me joy and put a smile of my face. Right now I’m lucky (and organised) enough to have fresh flowers to look at, coupled with my favourite ‘French Pear and Vanilla’ candle from MOR, and my diffuser scent of the moment – ‘Autumn’ from The White Company. Not quite the right season I know but it works perfectly for the transition from Winter into Spring! The cement apple is one of a dozen I purchased for our wedding décor – one of the few things I couldn’t bare to sell post-party. I have a few of them dotted around the house in various spots – a little nod to the fairytale that was our wedding.


I have this odd brain that seems to be exactly 50%  wildly creative, and 50% irritatingly logical. While my logical side loves the organisation of planning out my entire week hour by hour, my creative side equally loves not remotely following that plan. Every week I set out with good intentions, and by Wednesday everything changes – but I’m ok with that...somehow it works for me. This organiser from Officeworks helps me to get my head around what I need to achieve in the week, even if it doesn't all happen at the exact time I plan for.


My creative side needs inspiration always, and sees it everywhere. I’ve always been a fan of a good mood board, or inspiration board ever since taking textiles in school. Every project began with a concept, and to take that concept in any direct we would create a mood board of things that inspired that concept. I still use this process today, though not for every individual project.

My current mood board is a mixture of things that make me smile. It tends to become quite seasonal without me really realising it – it’s just changed over from pictures of log cabins, fur throws and mulled wine. So since Spring has sprung here in Western Australia, or at lease its trying to, I wanted to see fresh colours, florals and botanical themes. I’ve always adored the colours of the ocean, and since we no longer live two minutes walk from it I like to have little reminders around me. I purchased the necklace, by Lunar Sea Designs, in Margaret River in our last month down there so I’d always be reminded on the South West. Pretty florals courtesy of Vogue's recent celebration of 70 years of Dior, and a couple of giant cacti to feed my indoor greenery obsession and my mind is creatively happy.

Our wedding was only five months ago, although it seems like yesterday, so I’m still enjoying having photos and little reminders of the most epic day of our lives surrounding us. It was also the biggest creative project I’ve ever worked on, and I was so happy with how the entire day turned out it acts as a little reminder that I can pull of anything I set my mind to.

And so can you. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy and inspiration, and make your dreams happen!


Much love guys,

Katie xx

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