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Enjoying The Perfect Winter 'Me Time'

Enjoying The Perfect Winter 'Me Time'

Winter has this knack of forcing me into creating cosy little cocoons for myself all over the house. Odd I know – but hear me out. I have three little spots right now, and at any given time when I find that I have half an hour to myself, depending on the time of day and how hot or cold it is I’ll pick one and embark on a little me time.

I’ve decided that there is a fine art to curating the perfect space to enjoy some quiet time to yourself. And I, being the generous over-sharer that I am, am going to tell you my step by step process to making sure you get the warm and fuzzies and a big smile on your face every time.

My current favourite spot is, quite frankly, the holy grail of armchairs. Our new Hemmingway chaise from Freedom sits in our front room next to the window that lets in the most light in the whole house, and it gives me all the feels every time I nestle in.
The one thing I try to avoid is just sitting on the sofa in front of the tv, because before you know it you’ve spent your time scrolling through possible Netfilx options and getting nowhere… #fail.

Usually if I’ve organised this super special me time into my day, it’s planned in after a nice hot shower to warm me up. So once I’m all squeaky clean, I put on fresh and clean cosy clothes. My current go to’s are my insanely comfy harem pants from Lorna Jane, and this loose white knit from Miss Shop at Myer. I wear this over a seamless bra, also from LJ.

Don’t forget a warm and cosy throw to keep your toes warm and give you something to snuggle in to. I am mildly obsessed with throws so always have far too many to choose form, but the flavour of the month is definitely this incredibly soft Montana fur throw from Adairs.

Let’s be honest, what is ‘Me Time’ without snacks? What is life without snacks!? #AllAboutThatSnackLife. I don’t like to just grab a heap of naughty treats to snack on like bars of chocolate or chips and biscuits, because the minute I leave my little nook and go back to ordinary life I feel yucky in the stomach and the guilts inevitably set in. My favourite thing to do is get all creative and fill a little bowl with a mixture of clean treats -my perfect combo involves lots of different textures and flavours: An apple or a nectarine sliced, a handful of Cobs natural sweet and salty popcorn, a handful of fruit and nut mix, and a couple of squares of dark chocolate or Loving Earth caramel chocolate.
Aaaaand of course, what winter snack fest would be complete without a good old cuppa. Most of the time I love a good peppermint tea like the one I just brought back from Marks and Spencer in the UK, however in the interest of complete honesty, during winter there may be one or two old fashioned builders teas making their way into the week!

If you know me or watch my insta stories, you may have picked up on my little penchant for quality home fragrance – namely, scented candles. I am a woman possessed when I discover a scent that fills me with good vibes, and let me tell you, I don’t mind paying to experience that in my home either. It’s one of the key things I consider an investment in creating your home. Choose a scent that resonates with how you want to feel… since we’re going for cosy Winter vibes, steer clear of fresh florals more suited to Spring. My MOR French pear and vanilla is so reminiscent of Autumn for me that it works brilliantly for a Winter too.
I am always and forever on the lookout for amazing scents to fill our home so feel free to drop me a line with your favourites and any recommendations!

Now, whilst sitting in this little bubble of perfection, enjoying the pinnacle of all snack combos and a piping hot cuppa in your favourite mug, what are you going to do? The world is your oyster my friend! You could be listening to old Bowie tunes whilst flicking through the most recent issue of Vogue, scrolling through amazing travel Instagram accounts and creating your 2018 bucket list, or even re-reading the Harry Potter books for the tenth time and enjoying total and complete silence.

However you enjoy it, make that time yours. Taking that small portion of your day a couple of times a week will not only centre you, it will help to clear your head and make you less resentful of all the things in your life that keep you busy. Prioritise yourself and your well being my loves.

Much love guys,

Katie xx

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