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Banishing The Winter Blues

Banishing The Winter Blues

As I write this Aussie winter is well and truly setting in, and with it undoubtedly come the winter blues. We’re in the middle of a four day rain storm, and I’ve just come back from walking Jasper right in the thick of it. Drenched to the bone and I didn’t mind it one bit. It felt so much like a dog walk back in the UK… I came over all nostalgic.

So I got to thinking about how much I love winter, whereas most people can’t stand it and spend the majority of the chilly season praying for the sun to return. So with that in mind I thought I’d share some of the things I love about winter, and how to avoid those wintery blues.

winter fashion
winter fashion
winter fashion

We all know how the spiral starts. First the weather turns; a welcome change at first. Then the temperature with it… slowly dropping lower and lower until it becomes perfectly acceptable to say ‘How cold is it!’ to every living soul you come into contact with throughout the day. Then plans start getting cancelled because you ‘can’t possibly go out in that weather’, and it’s not long before plans stop getting made all together in favour of staying rugged up by a heater.

Well, hold on to your hats because Aunty Katie has some groundbreaking news for you.  It’s entirely possible, and really quite lovely to go out and enjoy your day even if it’s cold and rainy. In the UK, if we didn’t head out and do the things in the rain, we would never do the things. If there is one skill you develop as a Brit it’s how to match the right coat/jacket to what the weather is doing. My darling Aussie husband has many wonderful traits but knowing how to dress in cold weather is not one of them. He leaves the house in a t-shirt and a leather jacket whether he’s in 20 degree autumn in Perth, or -5 degree winter in England. *face palm.  

winter fashion
winter fashion
winter fashion

Part of the reason I’m loving this stormy weather we’re having is because it means I can finally start getting my wear out of this amazing Barbour Jacket. I picked it up on my last trip back to the UK, a wonderful Christmas and birthday gift from my Parents, and one that will stand the test of time and remind me of home whenever I wear it for years to come.
Barbour have been around for well over a hundred years now, with their classic wax jackets and coats being what really made their name. Though they now source and stock wonderful quality outdoor and functional clothing from all over the world, their wax jackets are still made in England’s North East, where it all began.
And look, when you find yourself a jacket that's built to go with walking boots but still totally works with Louis Vuitton, you're onto a winner.

Winter Boots
winter fashion, winter boots

So sort yourself out with a proper coat, one that looks the part but also keeps you warm and dry. Then layer up and lace up your boots and get out of the house. Need some inspiration? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few of my favourite things to do out and about on a rainy winters day:

  1. A simple coffee and cake trip.
    Newsflash kids, coffee and cake tastes just as good, if not better when it’s chilly out. Find a cosy café and indulge whilst watching the rain come down outside.

  2. Go treasure hunting.
    My absolute favourite… I don’t want to call it antiquing because the age of the treasure doesn’t necessarily reflect its value to a person or its pure loveliness. So go for a drive to a lesser known town or suburb, explore all its little nooks and crannies, and find yourself some treasure. Our home is full of treasure from days like this.

  3. A beachfront or riverside walk.
    If you’re lucky enough to live near a body of water, rug up and go and stretch your legs. Yep, even if it’s pouring. Wrap up warm, gloves, proper walking boots, that lovely coat and a hat, and treat yourself to the magic that is watching a storm roll in over the water.

  4. Wine tasting.
    Now we’re spoilt because we have always lived a stones throw from at least one wine region in Perth, so deciding on a day of wine tasting becomes relatively easy to achieve. And let me tell you, there aren’t many cosier places to enjoy a wine than in the stunning barrel rooms of Australia’s wineries. Something about being surrounded my all those deliciously smelling oak barrels. If wine country isn’t an easy drive away for you, contact a local wine bar or restaurant to ask if they’d consider running a ticketed tasting. My Mum used to run them at her restaurant in a dinner party style with guest sommeliers to talk everyone through what they were tasting.

  5. A pub with a fireplace.
    The next best thing. Find yourself a local pub with a cosy fireplace to chill in front of while the weather beats down outside. This is sheer bliss to me. Bonus points if the pub also has backgammon, but if not, I wouldn’t be opposed to taking my own. Why yes, I am a giant nerd, thanks for noticing.

So next time the weather starts to dictate whether or not you leave the house, re-read this and banish those winter blues. Remind yourself how easy it is to enjoy a wintry day out with just a little mindset tweak. And once you've had your outdoor and fresh air fix, then you can head on home to enjoy some cosy winter 'me time'. Head to last years blog post for some inspiration!

Enjoying the Perfect Winter Me Time

If like me you’re a winter lover, tell me all about your favourite ways to get out and about in the rain!

Much love,

Katie xx

Shots by the ever talented Claire Bailey... check her out @CeeBeeIsMe

Coat by BARBOUR // Boots by LOUIS VUITTON // Bag by MIMCO //
Jumper by THE WHITE COMPANY // Hair clips by WITCHERY

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