First I drink the coffee... then I do the things
Caffeine makes me smile

Well hello!

I’m Katie - a 30 year old caffeine addicted Brit, living in Western Australia. I’ve been here for the past ten years and am married to a wonderful, kind and super tall husband. Redhead, with a matching temper (poor husband). Fitness enthusiast (sometimes). Wine enthusiast (all the time). Home obsessed, collector of all the decor nic-naks. Fashion dreamer and lover of shiny things.

I write about the many things that make up my hectic life. Mainly on the the agenda these days is our new home, which we are slowly making our own. All documented for you of course! Also, I love to go places. I spend a lot of time back home in the UK usually with somewhere else tagged on, and I know the south of WA like the back of my hand.

When I eat a good meal, I’ll tell you where to find it. When I purchase a good bargain, I’ll tell you all about it. When I inevitably discover new and wonderful purveyors of coffee, I’ll point you in the right direction!

And in case all that wasn’t enough, I also rather enjoy rambling away to a camera, so check out my Youtube channel for even more of my face and a look into my day to day life.

Welcome to KatieElizabethWilliams.com, Stick around to read more about our adventures at home and abroad, all things home, beauty and style, and my attempts at nailing this adulting thing.

Much love guys, and thanks for stopping by!
Katie x