I’m Baaaaaaaack!
*Cue Jack Nicholson voice*

But seriously, Hey Hi Hello readers! And no I did not drop off the face of the earth, I just had THE WORLDS MOST HECTIC 18 MONTHS EVER! But here we are and off we go with the thoughts and the opinions and the typing… just like old times!

I’m not even going to attempt a life update – 18 months is far too long to fill you in on. I’m just going to dive in… so pop the kettle on and try to keep up kids!

The first topic I wanted to write about upon this grand return to KatieElizabethWilliams.com is the most exciting thing that’s happened to us… drum roll please… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!
After selling our first home in Bunbury and moving up to Perth for our business we spent almost two years in a rushed rental in a suburb we weren’t in love with so that we could do our research properly and work out where we wanted to settle down.

This month marks 5 months in our new home in Bassendean. 5 MONTHS!! How is that possible!? I swear we’ve been here 2 weeks – there are still boxes everywhere and I don’t think the house has been tidy since move in day. And yet – it’s bliss. I am so in love with our little slice of Bassendean.

We learnt two main lessons living in our rental.
Number one, it was wayyyyy too big. I could never keep up with cleaning it, and if you know me, you know I ain’t about that housework life; so our first decision was to downsize to a house that works for us and make smarter choices about what does and doesn’t belong in our life.
Number two; we wanted to be a part of a town and a community. It’s one of the main things I really miss about the UK… strolling into a village and grabbing a coffee before mooching through a couple of boutique homeware stores and finishing off with a fresh greengrocer haul.

So after deciding on the perfect area (and trust me, we actually narrowed it down to about 3 square kilometres), then began the hunt for the perfect house.
We actually went into the process with no brief. We had decided that location was everything so if that meant finding a block and building then that’s what we’d do, or if it meant buying an older house to renovate, that was fine too. The one thing we knew we didn’t want was a brand new kit build with no character or charm about it… I call them grey concrete box houses. I completely understand that with the ever growing population and the expansion of new suburbs in WA, there calls a need for affordable and efficient ways to build a house. However, as a Brit who grew up in a 250 year old Victorian house with the most phenomenal original features and characteristics (fireplace of dreams – I’m serious), I find it really hard to look at a rectangle house that has nothing but tiles and a single dangling light globe and see a home. It’s just my personal opinion, and at the end of the day a house is certainly what someone makes it, so It depends on personal taste as to whether you take that concrete box and turn it into something, or simply keep it the way it is.  

And so began the mission of finding an older house, with enough charm to satisfy me, but not too many age induced problems to frighten Mitch. We, saw, EVERYTHING that came on the market in the area we were looking at. Unfortunately, it became apparent quite quickly that my dream of living in a beautiful old house was going to be a short lived one, as everything with the features we were looking for was basically falling down. Eee they just don’t build houses like they did back home haha!.

Anyway, long story short, we finally found the cutest little home. Our home. Built in the 90’s (so no structural problems), it’s a replica of a 1930’s cottage style house… we got the best of both worlds! Complete with a brand new granny flat for when friends and family visit from the UK, which is something I always dreamed of having but had put in the ‘One day far in the future when we can afford it’ pile.

These first few months have taught us so much about the house already and how we want to live in it. That has to be one of my top tips for buying a home that you know you want to make changes to; live in it for a little while first. You’ll soon start to discover what makes sense for you. It was advice given to me when we bought our first house and my brain was full of big ideas – none of which we actually followed through with.

Now that we’ve settled in a bit we’re really enjoying starting to plan the décor and the room set ups… so stick around for the House Diaries to see how we turn our little slice of Bassendean into our home.

Much love guys,

Katie xx

Thank you so much to Claire Bailey @ceebeeisme for you’re rad photography skills!
Images takes at Holly Raye’s @HollyRayesCafe in Bassendean.
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