Is there anything better than waking up on a Saturday or Sunday, and realising you have absolutely no plans? Nope, nope there isn’t. Just that knowledge that you can roll out of bed whenever you wish, and take your time deciding where to get your caffeine hit that day.
Well Mitch and I have decided since moving to Perth, that we are going to make it our weekend mission to discover a new coffee shop as often as possible. Over the last few years, the café culture in Perth has taken off at lightning speed. I noticed it first down in Bunbury when all of a sudden, amazing new spots providing us all with our daily wake up were popping up every couple of months. The fact that they have all remained open and are consistently busy says a lot about how much WA was screaming out for some sort of identity in the hospitality industry.
I’m so excited to share with you guys my favourite spots that I discover, and if you’ve got any recommendations let me know!

CHU BAKERY – William Street, Highgate

This totally Instagram worthy coffee corner is definitely one of my new favourites. Other than a window seat and a couple of outdoor stools to perch on whilst waiting for your order, the bakery doesn’t have a seating area – which makes the fact that picturesque Hyde Park is just over the road a little bit perfect! Grab your cuppa to go, and bag yourself a bench by the water.

All the Yummy Things

Don’t say I didn’t warn you -it’s best to head to this little treasure trove on a cheat day. I didn’t, so had to summon all my willpower to buy a box of their delicious house made donuts and take them home for the husband. Cue all the perfection flavour combos – matcha green tea, raspberry, salted caramel and chocolate! *wipes drool from corner of mouth*
If you’re heading there for breaky and can train your eyes to look past the front counter (good luck), you’ll notice their wall of fresh baked sourdough loaves. The most delicious and soft sourdough you will ever find! I bought a loaf of wholemeal sourdough to take home and slice up before freezing in in little packs of 2 slices, and it honestly lasted me around two weeks! Also do yourself a favour and grab a serve of their avo smash for a late breaky, picnic style in the park.

The Caffeine Bit

Now we are by no means coffee aficionados. But like most people who drink coffee on a daily basis, we know the difference between a crappy cuppa and a delicious cup of caffeine goodness. This place serves the latter. Since the weather is heating up a bit (seriously, anyone else in Perth melting right now?) I’ve been switching to iced lattes. Chu don’t serve anything with a syrup, which I think is an attempt to bring people back into the real world of coffee, where coffee made well shouldn’t be laced with flavoured sugariness to mask the true taste. A rule that works well at Chu, however I doubt it can be applied everywhere! They offered me a teaspoon of honey instead and it was bloody perfect.
So, the coffee is delicious – you just need to order two. Their large size is somewhere between your normal small and regular, and their small size is essentially a large shot cup. In fairness, their prices correlate well to the sizes (large is about $5), and the sizes work well for little old me who never manages to actually finish a beverage. Mitch however bought one coffee at the start of out walk and another at the end… take what you will from that – is he a coffee addict? Quite possibly.

Head over to Chu Bakery guys and treat yourself to something naughty or nice this weekend, and if you’re a puppy parent make sure to take pooch with you and enjoy this epic weather that has finally turned up!

Much love guys,
Katie xx

Photography: Hannah Lawrence 

Outfit Details:

Shirt – Asos, Skirt – Live, Shoes – Castaner.