Fact: The big 3-0 approacheth. I’m not sure when it hit me that my thirties are quite literally just around the corner, but the moment it did I found myself wondering if I’ve achieved everything I thought I would by the time I hit my first big age milestone. The answer is of course no. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone’s answer being yes! Human nature dictates that no matter how much we achieve, we will always strive to achieve more. No matter how much we experience, we will always yearn to experience more.

With that in mind, I set about writing myself a (somewhat) achievable list of things I wouldn’t mind ticking off the old bucket list before December 12th 2018. I have faith that I can get most of these done in the next fourteen months, try as I shall! Others might be a little out of reach, but you’ve gotta reach for the moon if you want to land among the stars, right!?

  1. Relearn a Language – I used to speak Spanish fairly fluently, and could understand most French. Unfortunately you use it or lose it! Time to get studying again! 
  2. Find peace with my body – This is something that definitely comes with age. As women I’m not sure if we’re ever totally happy, but I’m definitely getting more ok with my body type, and proud of what I have.
  3. Nail my skincare – the illustrious goal. At almost 30 I still have problem skin… will it never end!? 
  4. Shop at Harrods – just another reason for a trip down to London at Christmas! 
  5. See the Northern Lights – Ok so I know this is a pretty big one, especially since it goes hand in hand with my desperate desire to visit Iceland. I can dream though right?
  6. Get into a better morning routine – Oh how I’d love that Disney princess moment in the morning… a yawn, a stretch and then straight into some wonderfully arranged musical number whilst my dressing gown is brought to me by woodland creatures. Ok slightly unacheiveable… I’ll settle for being able to get up with out snoozing my alarm for an hour!
  7. Learn to control my redhead temper – I’ve been working on this for a few years, in an effort to prevent Mitch having a heart attack! So far so good!
  8. Clear out my wardrobe, ruthlessly! – I absolutely must get rid of everything I haven’t worn in over a year. That’s my new goal!
  9. Commit to a once-a-year trip home – A pretty big one, but so important to me. It doesn’t have to be a huge month long visit… just enough time to hug my Mum and Dad and enjoy a cuppa or six with all my nearest and dearest. 
  10. Begin planning our dream house – this could be dangerous!
  11. Take a girls trip – believe it or not, I’ve never been on a girls trip. Is that sad? I’ve been in relationships since I was 14, and began moving all over the place from the age of 17. I’m feeling a road trip coming on!
  12. Do something that scares the crap out of me – There is far too much to choose from. I’m thinking a sky dive or maybe scuba diving?
  13. Hold an epic holiday party – I am nothing if not a hostess. I love throwing a good shindig!
  14. Stay up all night in a big city – ideally New York, original hey?
  15. Go on a spontaneous trip – I’m talking completely spontaneous… rock up at the airport with carry on and jump on the next flight out to god knows where!
  16. Go internet free for a whole weekend – I might feel like I’ve lost a limb, but this one is way overdue. 
  17. Learn a skill/craft wit my hands – I’ve already learnt some aspects of woodworking and carving, but I’d love to try my hand at something really different… maybe basket weaving or something entirely random like that.
  18. Read Wuthering Heights – I’ve started it four times…
  19. Improve my wine knowledge – my time in tourism in one of the worlds top wine regions taught me a lot, So now I have a taste for it I’d love to actually know what I’m talking about instead of just sounding like it.
  20. Watch more live gigs – I’ve always said there isn’t much better than live music to put you in the best mood. Time to get discovering Perth’s music scene!
  21. Learn to cook and nail a signature dish – I’d like to think I’m a pretty good cook, (many would disagree), but I’d love to develop a signature dish that I nail every time and that my guests would never forget!
  22. Save up and buy a classic designer piece – I have a list as long as my arm of pieces I’d love. Time to save those pennies!
  23. Say Yes to midweek activities – it’s so easy to sit at home most nights in front of Netflix. I’m a huge fan of chilling at home, but while we are still (somewhat) young, and child-free, I think we should be taking advantage of our freedom!
  24. Go to a salsa club and dance the night away whilst drinking margaritas – ok so I have already done this, but it was a million years ago and it was so fun I just really want to do it again.
  25. Keep an organised pantry – sad I know, but I feel like it’s something a 30 year old would be able to do?
  26. Fly Business class – geez these expensive bucket list items just keep cropping up! 
  27. Watch Casablanca – Don’t hate me, I’ve never seen it! 
  28. Spend a night on the beach – And wake up to the waves crashing and the sun peeking over the horizon. 
  29. Hike a famous peak – WA really only has Bluff Knoll, which would be brilliant… maybe something in the Lake District too during a Uk visit?
  30. Learn to appreciate what I have in life – I’d like to think I already do this, but I’m sure I could get much better. 

Well wish me luck! That’s a pretty full on list come to think of it. Have you guys achieved any of the above – throw a girl some pointers! 
Much love guys,

Katie xx